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July 09, 2012


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Writing my blog. Transfusions of venom that force me to practice relentlessly so I can be "authentic." Bah! Time to find a better way to catch this snake!



HEY, is this meant for ME??? LOL. Thanks Barry, this one was awesome. First I've read in months and right to the point.

Reminds me of a Laurie Anderson song lyric:

Well I know who you are, baby.
I’ve seen you go into that meditative state.
You’re the snake charmer, baby.
And you’re also the snake.
You’re a closed circuit, baby.
You’ve got the answers in the palms of your hands.


Turned 33 yesterday; and as I was brushing my teeth last night, I noticed a single grey chest hair curled up and staring at me.

This body too...is impermanent.

Thank you snake.

Barry Briggs

Happy birthday, Dan. You might enjoy the video that will appear this Friday.

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