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August 23, 2012


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In the Castaneda books, "Don Juan" says something along the lines of, "Reach out your left arm, just beyond your finger tips is death, always following you."

His meaning was the same, it could take you at any moment.


Something like... one day you'll stop to tie your shoe, and because you stopped, a huge falling rock will crush you. You can't control when that rock will come; you can only tie your shoe impeccably.

David Clark

"Death can come at any moment."

That is no joke! It took a liver cancer diagnosis 8 years ago to get my full attention. It has lead me to pay a lot more attention to the life I'm living right now, to savor it and not waste the time that I do have. While I wouldn't wish this diagnosis on anyone, I can't help feeling that it has been my lucky break in many ways.

""How will you use your precious human life?" means: How is it, just now?"

At this very moment it seems that I am on the internet, checking in with my favorite blogs. Looks like yours is one of them. How about that?


Bob Erb

What a heart breaking photo. Thank you, Barry.

A baby bird fell down from a tree onto the sidewalk, tried to fly but could only scurry into the grass, my dog saw the commotion and pounced.

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