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August 07, 2008


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xavier L

The word kindness do not included pamper.
Do you remember the 3 charities?
1. To console the lost and the sufferers.
2. Help the needy, but not the greedy.
3. Guide the ignorance to the light.

Creatively yet dangerous
“Cruel to be kind” or “kind to be cruel”
If it’s not well understood, it can be very distort.

Barry Briggs

You are correct, Xavier. Without insight, we may often confuse cruelty and kindness. When I examine my actions, I can see many instances where my soft, tender "kindness" did not help a situation and, in some cases, made it worse.

Sometimes we use "kindness" to let ourselves "off the hook" when it comes to the hard work of meeting the requirements of a situation. In such situations, when we fall short, we are cruel to be kind.

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