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August 20, 2008


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xavier L

Am I right? Am I wrong?
Who am I to preach such song?
Or is there such a right or wrong?

The poor man follows his blind leader,
Who is poorer, the man or the leader?
Who is blinder, the man or the leader?

The world are sleeping,
But some are awaken,
To wake the sleepy, they got annoyed.

Before enlightenment, who are sure?
Perceptions are just Perceptions.
The patient getting cure, is more important.

How are you, my dear Barry

Barry Briggs

Thank you for your comment, Xavier! How are you?

There's the old (Chinese?) curse: May you live in interesting times!

It's been an interesting week, in that cursed sense. I've created several revealing opportunities to awaken the sleepy parts of my mind. We'll see, we'll see...

xavier L

Presently, I’m encountering the rough moment too.
I was being criticized and reprimand by a 14 years old.

I learned a very precious lesson.
That is to…………………………………SMILE.

xavier L

Oh yes, how am I?
Not happy, not sad, not even angry, nor am I mad.

Just chewing my karmic fruits.
Tasting the sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy.
I’m glad.

Just observing the four seasons.
Seeing the cold, hot, dry and wet.
I’m glad.

No more chasing after happiness.
No more rushing for painfulness.
Just glad.

Barry Briggs

I work hard at hiding the dark side of my nature. But when it comes out -- as it always does -- then I have a chance to work with it. The "coming out" isn't pleasant, nor is the work. But who wants to live in the shadows?

xavier L

Do you remember “nothing”, nothing to attain you said?
I seriously did absorb so much from it.
Then I said, to attain nothing.

To attain nothing, means to strip.
Stripping all the unneeded shit.
By now, I trusted that you know, what are the unneeded shits.

Barry, my dear companion,

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