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August 13, 2008


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xavier L

There’s a Chinese saying, “yi san hi you yi san gou”
= ‘There’s always a mountain higher than the one you see.’
It means that there is always someone better than the best.

He, who thought that he’s the best, will fall hard upon meeting the better best.
No matter how highly, we think we are, humbleness is still superior.

Joy and suffer are separated by time alone.
It’s ignorance to claim that good and bad luck knock on our doors.
Without knowing that karma is the law.

Barry Briggs

Thanks for posting this wonderful saying, Xavier! Yes, it is delusion to think that we are lucky or unlucky. Whenever good luck or bad luck appear, the wise person says, "Is that so?"

Andrew Douch

A nice saying, however the Korean there is incorrect (I think). I believe it should be San-neomeo-sani-itda (산넘어산이있다)!

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