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September 23, 2008


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xavier L

Our View on any politician
Our Intention against any politician
Our Speech regarding any politician
Our Action toward any politician
Our Livelihood became same as any politician
Our Effort to be a politician
Our Mind got stuck with politics
Our Concentration focus at any politic issues

Is it Right?

8-fold path is supposed to be set on the middle path.
When the view is not right, the other 7 follow the leader.

My dear Barry,
Politician, police, government, hooker, beggar and etc may think that they’re right.
Others may think that they’re wrong.

But there’s no right or wrong.
Reap what they sow;
Action cause reaction,
It’s just a karmic show.

Aim at the middle Sir.
Aim at the middle my dear companion.

Barry Briggs

I do think that there is right or wrong, my old friend. To deceive another out of self-concern (which politicians do all the time), is certain to produce suffering. It corrupts the truth in ways that are inherently damaging.

So how do we respond to such deceit? I don't believe we can simply ignore it. That would not be "correct relationship," at least not in my view. But I also don't know exactly how to respond, other than pointing out that the truth has been cast aside for personal and political gain.

We in the United States have seen, over the past 8 years, what happens when the truth is cast aside.

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in a war based on falsehood. A great American city has been lost in order to sustain a lie. And, unfolding right now, a great economy has been destroyed, along with the livelihoods and savings of millions of people.

So truth and falsehood are not abstractions. The dharma calls upon us to respond to willful fabrication of the truth. We must each do what we can.

xavier L

Empowering someone to set the orders.
Paying the worker to care for the owners.
Who are the servants, who are the masters?
The table has turn since the power transfer.

People cried when facts are covered,
But yet as usual, they prefer to hear,
The juicy gossip more than truth itself.
I trust you see this dreamy spell.

So much so, such weird a picture.
Merry making in the funeral.
Precious lessons, who have learn.
Forgive me sir, for keeping a distance.

Barry Briggs

Yes, people treasure delusion. Me, not excepted.

But, when we see the delusion for what it is -- then what?

In true relationship, there is no distance -- not in time, not in space.

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