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September 18, 2008


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Aspiration, is a word that I have heard to describe the "Try mind."

So many things apply for me. I'm never done though. There is no failure, I just try again. When I stop trying, than that is failure.

The short list, becoming a better father, but not only to my nuclear children.

Be well,

xavier L

I use to try my luck on the lottery,
Try and try and try.
Guess what, I hit the jackpot.

The jackpot goes like this:
Lose your money, but win the thrill.
Win the money, but got lose to grill.

Yes, I got grilled by my own greed.

Now, I try something else.
Sitting down calmly and watch my mind.
No thrill, no grill, just BLISS.

How nice.

I may be far from you Barry,
But I feel so next to you.

Thank you my dear companion.

Barry Briggs

Jordan, your short list says a lot about your vow. Thank you!
Xavier, old/new friend: How can you use this bliss?

Thank you, dear companions!

xavier L

How can you use this bliss?

When the water is clear, drink it.
When the mirror is clear, reflect it.
When the mind is clear, see it.

When bliss is here,
Don’t stir it.
For it is use to end chaotic.

Barry Briggs

When the water is clear, offer it to someone who is thirsty.
When the mirror is clear, share it with someone.
When the mind is clear, how can I help you?

xavier L

Oh definitely Yes.
What’s so good about anything if we can’t share it?
I won’t want to keep the goodness that I learned, in the safe box.


i used to try and mostly fail, or so i thought.

wind drives the sand grain.

i used to do and achieve, or so i thought.

the wind drives a sand grain.

sun shines. grass is green. do they try or do they do or do they care?

here is wind. here is sand grain.

why would 'i' care?

good luck.

Barry Briggs

Thanks for your wise comment, Mickael. We humans make life very complex, don't we?

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