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October 15, 2008


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Good and important post. Thank you.

"Then, out of this friendship, we can love our neighbors. With all their flaws and confusions, we can love them. And what could be more important?"

I agree. We should always remember that in the end, no one born to be bad or evil. When we are nuborn babies, we are all innocent until life starts to throw us in different directions. And despite all the bad and ignorant things, we should always try to see behind deluded minds.

Everyone has an opportunity to become as Buddha.


I think that we come to love ourselves because we come to the revelation that we are just like (pick any great person) and therefore when one realizes this--love is the only emotion possible to have. We are all one and that means self-love.


Per your blogger profile request, I am leaving you a comment.

Please return my ox. I can do nothing helpful in town.


Barry Briggs

Thank you, Uku. Even after life has thrown us in different directions, we can return to our innocence by following Buddha's directions.

Thank you, James. In my current view, we're not only like any great person, we're also just like the worst of people. We contain everything. Darn it!

Thank you, Person. If you have an ox, you cannot help. Let go of the ox, and then you become a great bodhisattva. Thank you so much for leaving a comment . . .you're the first person to follow directions - as far as I know! :-)

Thanks again, everyone!


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