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November 01, 2008


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He would likely be skeptical of any candidate with ties to the CFR.

Where did I put my tinfoil hat?

Take care,


Good point, Barry. What would Buddha do? I think he would do his best. :D

I don't know.

Jordan, I can give my tinfoil hat if you want! I need a new one, a bigger one!

Barry Briggs

Jordan, I had to go and look up the meaning of "CFR" - and now that I know what it stands for (I think), I still don't know what it means! I could probably use that tinfoil hat.

Did the girls survive the sugar rush? Very cute photo of you and the girls - you look great in your lion suit (that is you, isn't it?)!

Uku, I'm gonna make a new tinfoil hat for my Buddha statue - very stylish! Sorry to hear that your head is growing...

Best wishes in the Dharma,


Hey Barry,

Well, I guess in a way part of me was in the lion suit. The lamb suit too!

Hear is some more fun stuff on the CFR:


As to the sugar rush, what goes up must come down!

Take care,


Hi Barry,

wow, that Buddha statue sounds very stylish!

I don't know, maybe my head is growing too but I meant that I need a bigger tinfoil hat because the one I have right now doesn't seem to help me!

Take care, Dharmabro,


Paul Lynch, JDPSN

Hey Barry,

There is a guy in Phoenix named Bob Larson who teaches DWJD "Do What Jesus Did!" His specialty is exocism of demons. Perhaps he could exorcise a few demons for this one.

May God help us all realize that the demon to fear is our own false sense of self.

and lastly, please vote.

Barry Briggs

Hi Paul,

I could use a good exorcism right about now - just a few small demons rattling around in my head. Just a few.

Voting already appeared! Now just waiting...

Hope you're well!

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