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November 12, 2008


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Allowing the changing situations to arise, and not reacting to them, but rather observing the illusions, the cleverness, etc, right? Asking oneself in the moment, as you pointed out yesterday, "What can liberate me in this moment?". I love that.

Paul Lynch, JDPSN

The Great Way has no gate,
A thousand roads enter it.
When one passes through this gateless gate,
He freely walks between heaven and earth.

Chán Master Wúmén Huìkāi


Great post. Mazu really kicks some serious ass!

You wrote "What does it take to open to the Great Way?"

I think there's nothing to open to. I think the Great Way is just for practicing the Great Way. No matter what.

Thanks for sharing these Mazu's masterpieces!



Really nice post.
Like all the patriarchs, Mazu can not be pinned down. The dharma is in ever flux. We try to carve it up and conceptualize it to understand better, but like water flowing through our clinched fist, our grasping fall short in the ocean of the dharma.

You notice how far you are from Mazu's mind? Will you have some tea then. KATSU!


Barry Briggs

Hi Molly, thanks so much for using the wonderful word, "allowing!" It's the gateway.

Paul, old buddy, maybe someday I will stumble through some gate. Right now I'm just hittin' the keyboard, thinking of you!

Uku, new buddy - I can feel Mazu's foot on my butt, right now. Whoop!

Hi Yamakoa - yes, let's drink tea together. Although he cannot be pinned down, I'm sure that Mazu would join us.

Thanks again, everyone, for reading so closely!



every human is so unique. yet every human is so identical to any other. is there a difference between any two? if so, i do not see it. do you?

good luck.

Barry Briggs

Hi Mickael, it's so wonderful to hear from you!

All humans are the same. And yet each one is different. What is the "middle way" between same and different?


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