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November 05, 2008


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Paul Lynch, JDPSN

I am blinded by the possibility of this post!


Great post, Barry! And really great that Obama won!



The sun, maybe sadly, dose not stop at rising.

Barry Briggs

The sun rises, but does not stop. No one can know what the day will bring. And while the sun may shine today, tomorrow it will certainly go dark. When we open our hearts to this ongoing change, then we join together in acceptance of the truth.

Thank you Paul, Uku, and Jordan, for commenting on this sunny day (in Seattle)!


Molly Brown

Bless this country and the change we have embraced. Two years ago I was traveling and ashamed to admit I was American. Today I am proud to say it. I LOVE your sunrise. A new day dawns for sure!

"Problems cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created them" -Albert Einstein.

Does this mean people are waking up, that consciousness is seeping in? It seems to me it must.

Barry Briggs

Thanks, Molly. I also hope that a broader consciousness has appeared, one that functions from less attachment to ideas, concepts and ideologies. We'll see...


Look to the left, it is gone. Look to the right, and it is not there. Tread the middle path between and you will find it everywhere.

Barry Briggs

Hi Yamakoa - when you tread the middle path, what do you find? Thanks for your wonderful comments!

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