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November 11, 2008


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Thank you, Barry, great post!

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.

Take care,


What Uku said!


What a great teaching! This is a very clear way to say this. It goes straight to one of the things about Zen that is both wonderful and crazy-making. X means x. But maybe not tomorrow. Maybe then, x means y. And the next day, y might mean y.

But until then, only don't know.

Barry Briggs

Thanks, everyone for your comments. I've just spent the last couple of weeks reading "Ordinary Mind as the Way" - a history of Mazu and Hongzhou school that comprised his followers (Baizhang, Huangbo, Linchi, etc.) This is an historical look at these teachers and their teaching - very revealing in many ways as it breaks down much of the mythology that arose around Chan, lineage, and koans in the years between 700 and 1200. Most of what we "know" about Chan is wrong or, at least misleading. But at its core, the basic teaching remains the same.

On Wednesday and Thursday I'll follow up with two more posts about Mazu and the ways in which he and his teachers used language to cure our disease(s).

Thanks again, Barry

Molly Brown

Within the last hour I felt frustration/irritation arising within me directed towards my husband. As I turned and walked away from him your questions at the end of the post arose clearly in my mind.
"What can I do to liberate myself in this moment? What is my dis-ease in this moment?"

I softened.

Thanks Barry.

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