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December 26, 2008


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Snow, awesome! We're spending our Holidays in Middle-Finland and here's a lot of snow. At our home in Espoo, Southern Finland is no snow at all. So, let's enjoy!

Cool pictures, so lovely!

With palms together,

Barry Briggs

My wife said, "Isn't Finland just buried in snow this time of year?" I said, "Not in Espoo!"

Thanks, Uku!


Snow Buddhas!!



This is so Pacific Northwest; folks back in Vermont who stumble upon this are no doubt thinking, "Yeah,...and???"

Thanks for this; we had nice snowmen too.

Barry Briggs

Hi James - yes, Snow Buddhas!

Hi Mumon, yes - all weather, like all politics, is local!

Molly Brown

I love your neighborhood snow people. They exhibit the transitory nature of being so well. No doubt they will melt and flow into your street gutter and you might just drink them again one day. Cheers to your snow people. Please tell them hello.
Peace, Barry.

Barry Briggs

Oh, it would have been great to photograph the slumping snowpeople! They're gone now, to wherever snowpeople go.

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