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December 23, 2008


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Can we take the idiot and with a few tweaks here and there turn it into a fool?

If so, what bliss!


I gotta tell you I know that I'm the real idiot. Those kleshas are really rearing their head at me right now. Especially that guy named "desire". I think he lives on both shoulders. :)

I suppose it's time to just drop it all and sit some on the cushion. I'll be getting to that soon. Time for some roof thatching.


LOL Barry!

I am that guy who presses the elevator 20 time in a 4 second period. In actuality, I saw my daughter doing this about 6 months ago. Right then and there I vowed to stop and be more mindful of my everyday actions.

As for idiots, maybe there are none, just idiotic actions.

Justin Choo

It is a common sight to see "idiots" pressing the buttons non-stop hoping that it comes sooner. It's a good time to reflect when one is waiting for the elevator (or "lift", if you follow the British) so long one is not participating in the pushing game.

Barry Briggs

Hi Lauren,
You're right - it shouldn't be too hard, at least in my case. I might think I'm an idiot but nearly everyone else thinks I'm a fool. Ask my wife, she'll tell you.

Hi Greg,
Thanks for visiting. No kidding - and it has nothing to do with gift-giving. I hope you soon stay dry!

Hi Yamakoa,
Even our actions can be an expression of our idiotic Buddha-nature. I hope!

Hi Justin,
Yes, indeed, we can use every moment to wake up. Over and over, wake up!

Thanks, everyone!

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