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December 26, 2008


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Dear Barry,

Happy Holidays!

What a privilege! I hope I get to visit these places myself one day.

The following blog might be of interest: Modern Chan. It shares translated teachings of Chan as it is being revived in mainland China now -

"The translations posted on this website will primarily consist of the teachings of Ven. Jinghui, a disciple of the renowned Chan master Empty Cloud, and Ven. Jinghui's disciple Ven. Minghai. Both are extremely active in the rebuilding and spreading of the Buddha-dharma within Mainland China, and I think that their approach to Chan Buddhism will appeal greatly to Westerners."

Ven. Minghai is the current abbot of Bailin Chan Monastery i.e. the monastery of Ven. Zhaozhou.


Html links don't post?

Modern Chan: http://modernchan.blogspot.com/

Bailin Si: http://www.bailinsi.net/02txzz/01gscq/01zyjj/ywjj.htm


Thanks Barry! Have a great weekend!

With palms together,

Barry Briggs

Hi Puerhan,
Thanks for your comment! I visited Empty Cloud's temple in 1993 - he lives on the same site as old master Yun-men. I shat in Yun-men's shit house but didn't see Yun-men's stick. The current residents scoop out the shit from under the shit house and put it directly onto the adjacent vegetable garden. We ate lunch there.

Thanks for the URLs! I'll check 'em out!

Hi Uku,
I hope you and your family are enjoying this season!


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