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January 13, 2009


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Justin Choo


If we didn't have the images that you described, we would not have fallen in love and married!!

Ha ha !!


Wow, I'm gonna have to stew on that passage myself for awhile.

As I type this, I'm about to go meet my wife of 25 years for breakfast...with this post in my thoughts...this might be interesting....

Thanks Barry for the thought provocation once again.

Molly Brown

Barry, great post. I think of it as bringing the past into the present. A past perception, a past judgement, into the present interaction. I am really working with this with a difficult relationship I have. And I am trying to move through the muck, albeit quite difficult. I will read this passage again a few more times, because it resonates great wisdom. Thanks, again.
With Deep resepect,


Yes, and gratitude arises too in my experience!

At a retreat centre I go to there is a quote on a door from Dogen Zenji:

"When the opposites arise
The Buddhamind is lost"


Barry Briggs

Hi Justin, I think you are correct - getting married involves self-delusion. Eventually this period passes ("oh, that's who you really are?!") and if the marriage is to succeed, we need to examine the images and delusions that brought the two people together.

Hi FW, I hope you had a great breakfast with your dear wife!

Hi Molly, yes we drag the past around behind us like a rhinoceros tail. How can we ever expect to get through the window?

Hi Puerhan, yes, gratitude definitely appears when we pay attention. And good humor, too, I've noticed. In fact, I wonder if gratitude and good humor are indicators of the presence of Buddhamind.

Thanks, everyone!

jill irwin

That hits home. I think all my romantic relationships have been based in large part on images rather than reality. I'm going to take this to heart.

My brother and his wife became Krishnamurti devotees back in the late 1970s and used to go to Ojai to hear him speak every year. I never did pick up any of his books, so that's especially interesting for me to learn a bit about his teachings.

Paul Lynch, JDPSN

hey brother, hope all is well.

this reminded me to tell you that Bridgette studied with Krishnamurti before she met Daesonsa-nim. She has some really interesting stories, perhaps you should discuss it with her some time, they left me with a deep impression of the man's insight and compassion.

yours in the Dharma


there is no real love.

those who affirm that get 3 hits by a staff.
those who deny that get 3 hits by a staff.
those who don't know get 4 hits.

rocks don't see trees. rocks have no eyes you know :) not one rock yet failed in that.

i wonder if something is troubling you. if i can be of any help, my email is old same.

good luck.

Barry Briggs

Hi Jill, Thank you for your nice comment. This little book that I found - The Flight of the Eagle - is a great, quick read. It's in question/answer format and so it's easy to jump around and read a bit.

Hi Paul, I didn't know that about Bridgette - I don't know much about Krishnamurti but the passage that I quote in this post is quite clear.

Hi Mickael, you write me. I answer you. That is love.

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