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February 02, 2009


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"Occasionally I'm able to relax one of these fists.

In these moments, I immediately experience how the world extends its hand toward me. Sometimes I return the gesture and join hands with the world. Other times, the fingers tighten back into the clench."

Familiar to us all, I think. May our practice continue! Thank you, Barry.


Nice post and excellent finish! I posted a similar poem recently: http://puerhan.blogspot.com/2009/01/hurt.html

All the best.

Justin Choo


The clenched fist of greed and foolishness. Remember the story of the cookie jar full of cookies? (or something like that; forgotten already! The clenched fist of forgetfulness! Hahaha!!)

Barry Briggs

Thank you, Uku, for your comment. Yes, let's continue to practice together.

Thank you for pointing me to your poem, Puerhan. I took the liberty of adding it to the post!

Justin, thank you for remind us about the cookie jar! Yes, it's an ideal metaphor for how the clenched fist keeps us from tasting the sweetness of life.

Buddha of Hollywood

I am in the same boat of dealing with my short comings.
But my point of view is that recognizing the problem is half of the cure.
So in my opinion you are half way there.
Next step: Take all your problems and turn them into stories - blog posts if you like - so you can then look from the outside of your ego and gain a new clearer point of view.
Also you may see how others see the problem as well.
Thank you for being my friend and for your encouraging words.
Be loved!


I have a suggestion. When feeling tight-fisted, how about using that clenched fist to do some enthusiastic and cheerful fist pumps? "Yeah, yeah!!! Woo Hoo!!! Life IS!"

@Puerhan: I actually felt the cool breeze from your amazing poem, and it entered and eased the space in my heart. Thank you.

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