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May 18, 2009


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"Just this", I love it!

Thank you for these posts concerning Ox Herding, Taming the Ox.

Gassho, my friend.

Barry Briggs

Thank you, Uku!

Molly Brown


Thanks for sharing these poems, these images, and enriching my day.

Peace to you,


Lauren Crane

Of all the wonderful stories I have read about what zen brings, the only one I have personally experienced is an occasional "just this" when sitting.

All the world can be going crazy. I can be going crazy, but then I sit, and for a moment or two I experience only sitting. Nothing can get at me then. Nothing threatens. "Now" opens wide and with a wave of joy and relaxation I feel "just this."

Such a nice event.

Barry Briggs

Hi Lauren - I've also had that experience and have felt the softening and ease that comes with "just this" - no matter how weird or awful "just this" might be.


Not Two...I love it! Maybe I should start a blog by that name....

Thanks, Barry!

Barry Briggs

Sadly, there is already a fantastic, creative blog that goes under a similar name: NOT2WO!


Damn! Maybe I'll try: "NOT2WO, Too!"

Barry Briggs

Or you could try NOT1NE - because "not two" and also "not one."



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