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May 22, 2009


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Lauren Crane

Well, there it is, Barry.
The answer to my question.
How does all this pomp and circumstance benefit others? When I can go back the the market place and just give from my bag of goodies (perhaps this is the "fully human" I was wondering on). So I will practice goodie giving (and zazen) till it actually does come from my pores (I hope).

Even though I'm not sure I'm much past picture 2 or 3, it can't hurt to let it (goodie giving) happen if that's what it wants to do.

Thanks very much to you for sharing all this and responding to so many musings.

Barry Briggs

Hi Lauren, Thank you for your comment. You've got it exactly right: it actually does come from our pores. We turn ourselves inside out and completely expose ourselves to the suffering of the world. That's our work.

That said, I slip up and down through the 10 Ox Herding Pictures in a constant process of change. Sometimes at image 10, other times at image 2.

Now confused, now clear. Now compassionate, now crazy. It constantly changes, but sometimes I can watch the change. And there's great joy in that awareness, a freedom to use each stage.


Gassho, Barry!

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