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May 26, 2009


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Smart cartoon! :)

Thank you for your honest post! Yeah, we all are humans, sometimes Obi Wan Kenobi's style and sometimes hanging out with our Darth Vader side. After all, we should be honest to ourselves and to our practice, I think. No one is perfect and that's the perfection.

Thank you, Barry.

Molly Brown

Wow, Barry. Beautiful post. I'm happy for the seedlings, well, for all of it. I like this old Indian saying:

Every blade of grass has an angel that whsipers, "Grow, grow!"

Love your words.

Barry Briggs

Thank you, Uku! I've been looking at this "true self" - how it appears in all its completeness, just as things are. And, from this viewpoint, what's true is not always pretty, and what's pretty is not always true.

Thank you, Molly, for your kind words. Every blade of grass has a whispering angel, and possibly also a devil that whispers, "Die, die!" Both, together, can help us.

mama p

Very, very nice post "Good Barry" ;) Thank you.

Barry Briggs

Thank you, Mama P!


"Oozing, Sham Barry" Sounds succulent, juicy! I think taking mindful bites of our oozing sham fruits, chewing it well, and properly digesting it is the best medicine we can ever find! Kind of like a spiritual vaccine, or homeopathic remedy.

Love the cartoon! In tantra, there are the 5 Buddha Families, each with their enlightened and unenlightened/confused qualities, and this cartoon speaks to my primary Buddha style: Karma - going for the gold, so to speak.

I agree: "Good Barry!" Thanks!

Barry Briggs

Hi Alice - Well, it's actually a bit sour, this fruity Barry. I totally got this cartoon, on both counts, when I saw it.

Good Barry/Bad Barry - not same, not different.

John Small

Yeah, I know what you mean. The real John has made quite a showing lately. All kinds of new raw material and fertilizer to work with, or play with, or wallow in. I had a feeling this was going to happen. Messy messy messy.

Barry Briggs

Hi John, Welcome back to reality! In the Japanese Zen tradition there's a saying, "shoshaku jushaku" - which roughly means, "Mistake after mistake." That's our life. Become one with it!

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