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May 29, 2009


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Thanks for this, Barry.
It is nice to see a teaching by Seung Sahn.
Seems a little like Catch-22 though.


Thank you, Barry! Really great video! :)

Barry Briggs

Hi Glenda - thanks for your comment! I dunno about Catch-22. For me, when ZM Seung Sahn says that clear direction leads to clear meditation, which lead to a clear life, it raises an important point: What is clarity?

Hi Uku! Thanks for your comment!

Ted Biringer

Thanks for the post Barry.

It is interesting that many practitioners have difficulty with this question (some that have been meditating for years).

While I can understand why there might be some difficulty with presenting a response to this in the dokusan room, it is a wonder that so many practitioners can't give an immediate response in a public (ordinary) setting (like the one in the video)--there are so many ways to say it!

The real question here seems to be, why would people meditate without knowing why they did it?

If Master Seung Sahn asked me, I would say, "To realize Buddhahood and save all beings."

Thanks again.


Barry Briggs

Thank you for your comment, Ted. Your direction is clear, as is your answer to ZM Seung Sahn. However, he would ask for you to answer in a more intimate way.

Ted Biringer

Thank you Barry,

If he asked for a more intimate response outside the dokusan room I am afraid my hearing would be impaired: "What is that? What are you saying reverend...?" This could last for up to three days!


Lauren Crane

I feel like I've been in a dream, and meditating in that dream for wrong reasons that were well explained.
I am still dreaming.
"I" am tired of meditating.
To just sit upright.
A goal - (no goal)
To just sit upright,
sometime yes, sometimes no.
Dreaming, napping, snoring, wide awake.
Why do I not meditate... and even more intimate question.

Barry Briggs

Hi Ted - I hope your hearing soon improves!

Hi Lauren - I gotta tell you: I love these little gems you leave on Ox Herding. Thank you so much! ZM Seung Sahn used to ask people silly questions like, "Why do you eat this food?" Then he would make it worse by saying, "When eating, just eat!" Up close and personal!

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