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June 19, 2009


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Joseph Bengivenni

Hi Barry,
thanks for another inspiring post~
Do you have an art background??

I can to Korea after graduating Art school but have done very little besides photography since being here. I studied printmaking actually, which doesn't give me much of an excuse with the tradition of woodblock printing in Korea, especially in Buddhism.

This blog has really been getting my mind turning! Thank you again!

Joseph Bengivenni

oops, just saw my typo, maybe it can be edited??

I meant to type, "I came to Korea..."


Thank you for sharing the video Barry. Very moving and inspiring.

_/\_ ~ _/\_ ~ _/\_


Isn't is fascinating - an artist tradition of using the best materials to "conserve" the paintings in a spiritual tradition that focuses on the impermanence of everything in the world? I love it!

Thanks for sharing the video.


Barry Briggs

Hi Joseph, Thanks for your comment. I have no formal background in art, but do have a wide-ranging interest in it - and have made an effort to educate myself. And then there's my daughter's interest (and shrewd eye).

Hi Puerhan, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Hi Nathan, In Korean, even the "conserved" paintings show the passage of time. The incense and candles inevitably darken the vivid colors. And insect and people have their ways...

John Small

I am reminded, repeatedly in the last few days, to slow down with my camera... that inspiration is nice, but that being mindful of the technical has its place.

Barry Briggs

How can one pay attention without technique?

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