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June 09, 2009


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mama p

Wow, Barry-- thank you for the compliment! That's an honor coming from you. Thanks.

I'll be stewing on what you might do with those postcards. One idea that comes to mind is "a portrait a day". Hide them in your sock drawer, and pull one out with your daily visit. Study it in earnest. See something you hadn't noticed before. Walk away happy!

David Clark

Congratulations. You deserve the kudos.

You could write "Pay Attention" on the back of each of the postcards and leave them in waiting rooms and bus stops everywhere you go. Or is that a little too "Yoko Ono"?

jill i

Hey that's wonderful about the recognition!
Loved hearing more about you, seems to make sense that a renaissance man would collect Renaissance portraits. I have a few stacks of art postcards from my art history student days in Europe, probably have some overlap. Mine are sitting in a drawer.

I love the suggestion above from David!


Thanks Barry, much appreciated and glad you are enjoying the poetry.


Barry Briggs

I'm very interested in all your great ideas about the postcards. And surprised that they produced such a response! Thank you, Mama P, David, and Jill, for your comments on them!

Puerhan - Indeed!


Hi Barry,

Thanks for the award and kind words. I did receive it already, but I'll never turn down kudos :)

Bows to you,

Barry Briggs

Hi Nathan - Well, I *did* say that my body wasn't cooperating so well anymore - and neither is my mind, obviously! Thank you!

Ted Biringer

Hello Barry,

Congrats my friend! Your blog(s) certainly meet the above mentioned criteria. Thank you for your constant endeavors to share the compassion and wisdom of the Dharma.

Thank you also for your vote of confidence in mentioning the Flatbed Sutra blog.

In sincere appreciation and humility, nine full bows.

Thus, I shake out my sleeves and depart.


Barry Briggs

Whole lotta shakin' goin' on, Ted! Thank you!

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