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June 17, 2009


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Yesterday it was cloudy, today it is clear.

After reading your blog I let my mind go blank, until I noticed I was holding my breath. I read once in a book on meditation that between breaths you don't think; so perhaps it follows that if you breathe less you think less. Some of the yoga techniques appear to be based on this idea. But eventaully you have to breathe...

Barry Briggs

Glenda, I'm finding it hard to think as I read your comment. Perhaps it's 'cause the notion of "breathing less to think less" is so darn tempting! Thank you!


Lovely term Mara-nature. It seems to bundle a lot of straws. Making a broom.

Barry Briggs

Hi NellaLou - Are you thinking wicked witches riding on their brooms?

mama p

Ha, ha, I like Puerhan's response! :D ...but I gotta say, flying from DC to SF, I couldn't find a cloud anywhere... Which is to say, it all sorta looks like "sky" up there. I guess it just depends on your perspective, to see what you're looking at (or not).


Was thinking about the possible uses of such a broom. In an upaya sort of way. Bundling implies some sort of wisdom that can manage such an unwieldy instrument.

Barry Briggs

Hi Mama P - Looks like sky here in Seattle, too - even on a cloudy day!

Hi NellaLou - Perhaps even a single straw has its uses. It can get into the hidden corners and clean 'em out!


Great post, love the Robert Aitken Roshi quote!

Veggieinlove did suggest to me that you or I could blog about our twitter exchange, so it's very nice to see it shared here.


Barry Briggs

Thank you for your clear teaching during our exchange, Puerhan!

John Small

Oh Barry...
Tomorrow's post on my blog is a picture of clouds. I haven't even read this post yet. I'm just so glad that someone else posts pictures of clouds. Thanks for a little synchronicity.

Barry Briggs

Syncing up, here, John!


Wow, thanks for using one of my photos on such an awesome thought provoking post. :)

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