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June 24, 2009


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I noticed today's writing was from a Lehan book, my favorite author and a local guy. Maybe because I'm looking, but I seem to find Zen philosophy in a lot of different places (books, music, people etc.). You can read all the text you want, but sometimes just looking gets you where you need to go.

Lauren Crane

Desperately seeking to leave my life behind and become nothing.

And before anyone calls the suicide hotline, I mean I hope to differentiate myself less from everything else, and dissolve conceptual borders so I just blend in with the rest of the universe (when I am non-differentiated, I am nothing).

Pushing my concepts to leave all concepts. Yikes!

Barry Briggs

Hi Bob - This new Lehane book isn't quite as wonderful as Mystic River, but it's still a fascinating read. Yes, I agree that just looking (without flinching) will get us where we want to go. But perhaps only if our life-direction is clear: To help end the great suffering in the world.

Barry Briggs

Hi Lauren - Hmmm. Maybe. Maybe when we are "non-differentiated" we become "something" for the very first time. We become the universe! But I know what you mean - familiar as I am with some of the many ways by which I erect barriers and obstacles. Groan.



Barry Briggs

Thank you, John!


suicide hotline. god. brilliant. ipod. new wife. enlightened mind escapes me. so i suffer on.

Barry Briggs

Enlightened mind is always present. It's just that we want something else. Mostly, I think, we want our suffering. No wonder there are suicide hotlines. And homicide hotlines.

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