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June 18, 2009


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Paul Lynch, JDPSN

Wow, true intimacy, I am glad you are coming closer Barry. I can say that my relationship with my son (he is 31 now) amazes me in its depth and open honesty. Keep up the good work and congratulation Dad, we all deserve a good relationship with our children.

Ted Biringer

Hello Barry,

Thank you. I remember that one of those old Zen guys said something like:

The dewdrop world,
Is the dewrop world...
And yet, and yet!


And speaking of Ryokan:

Now when I take the Record of Eihei Dogen and examine it,
the tone does not harmonize well with usual beliefs.
Nobody has asked whether it is a jewel or a pebble.
For five hundred years it’s been covered with dust
just because no one has had an eye for recognizing dharma.
For whom was all this eloquence expounded?
Longing for ancient times and grieving for the present, my heart is exhausted.
From the poem, Reading The Record of Eihei Dogen, by Ryokan, The Roaring Stream, p.348

See, see? Ha!



: )

Barry Briggs

Thanks for your nice comment, Paul. Happy father's day!

I once wrote about Issa's poem, Ted: http://www.oxherding.com/my_weblog/2009/03/dewdrop-world.html

For whom was Dogen's eloquence expounded? Good question! Has it helped anyone?

Thank you, Val. I know that smile.


Zen guy?

Pure Land. Issa was devout Jodoshinshu.

But thank you Ted for another encounter with his beautiful and touching poem, and for introducing me to Reading The Record of Eihei Dogen. Thank you.

And thank you Barry for a great post and another chance to talk to Ted!

With palms together,


Joseph Bengivenni

This post for me is sort of like looking at the afternoon clouds and guessing what the sunset will be like.

I hope your having a really nice time with your daughter. I can't wait for mine to be able to speak, even if she ends up thinking I'm crazy, too!

thank you!


Lovely post, Barry! And thank you for sharing Ryokan's poetry, it's always so wonderful.

All the best!

Barry Briggs

Hi Marcus - Thanks for pointing out Issa's roots - which, as you know, run deeper than Jodo Shinshu or Zen! And thanks for your comment.

Hi Joseph - Ah, between the early morning sunrise and the dusky glow of sunset, there will be clear sky, clouds, hurricanes, tornadoes, drizzle, downpour, hail, blizzards, and clear sky again. Our children always change. How can we ever keep up?

Thank you, Uku, for your kind comment!


bows to all "crazy old dads"


Barry Briggs

I dunno about your experience, Puerhan, but, for me, craziness seems inherent with "Dad-hood." I'm blaming it on my daughter.

Ted Biringer

Hello Barry,

Thank you.

About Dogen's eloquence, you wrote, "Has it helped anyone?"

I will never know. Everyone that gets it dies.


Barry Briggs

Hi Ted. You make me laugh!

And now I wonder if you are already dead...


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