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July 01, 2009


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my favorite is #3. absolutely! :)

Ted Biringer

Thanks for the cartoons Barry!

They are worth 3257 words.

Barry wrote: "Tell me about your favorite cartoon! And I'll tell you mine."

Okay, it is square and contains a drawing that conveys wisdom via humor.

Your turn!



Hahhaa, great one! #1 is funny!

I love Donald Duck.

Thank you, Barry!

Barry Briggs

Neurobi - Yes, #3 really gets to the truth, doesn't it!

Ted - I want a funnier cartoon! One worth 1,000 words!

Uku - Quack, quack!

Ted Biringer

Hi Barry,


That IS funny! Hahahahhahahha!


David Clark

I loved the one you posted a while ago with one dog explaining to another "I find that incessant barking eases the pain.".

It is especially funny to me because our local zendo, the Vista Zen Center, has a couple of big barking dog neighbors. Some days these guys really present a challenge to those sitting at morning meditation. A copy of that cartoon now graces the bulletin board in the Center's library.

I must say that the challenge of the barking dogs is ultimately very helpful, I find I can now meditate more easily in various less than ideal settings.

Barry Briggs

Ted - Most people don't have the insight to find me humorous. That's why you're special.

David - The issue of sound in Zen practice is, of course, quite profound and I'm sure that Ted could do it great justice. I've had some interesting experiences with sound during retreats. Many years ago I sat a 3-day retreat at Dharma Zen Center in L.A. On Saturday afternoon, someone tried to break into the church next door - which triggered a very loud burglar alarm. The alarm continued without stop for 45 minutes, and we continued to sit right through it. Wow, what an experience!

And, some years ago, I did a 3-week solo retreat at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center in Northern California. I anticipated a very quiet retreat in an isolated cabin. The cabin was isolated and quiet, but across the road was a chicken farm and it turns out that chickens are pretty darn noisy in the morning - wow!

The barking dogs are helping you and your community in many ways. Maybe that eases the pain...


Barry, I found your delightful website by chance two weeks ago and have been enjoying reading all of your warm, enlightening posts. Thank you for sharing so much of your practice!

Definitely not "pointless, incessant barking"! [<-- a reference to a cartoon you posted some time ago!] Very nonpointingly pointiful. Mindful. Gracious. Generous.

Thank you.

Barry Briggs

J - Thank you for your kind comment. I'm glad to have you as a reader!

jill irwin

Ha, my favorite cartoon shows a guy at an intergalactic cocktail party talking to an alien with a big eye poppin out of his forward (or something non-human like).

The caption read, "You're from Earth? Do you know a guy named Bob?"

The universe is truly all interconnected!

Thanks for the reruns I missed the first time around,

Barry Briggs

Jill - Very funny cartoon! Thank you.

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