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July 03, 2009


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Just shows how really slow on the uptake I am. I look forward to the videos on Friday. I still think of the series on Ox Herding.

Lauren Crane

Thanks, Barry.

As I nurse my wife through hand surgery recovery and pending knee surgery "what about me" runs through my mind alot. When do I get to complain? When do I get to get carted left and right through a team of 4 doctors? When do I get to break down 'cause I can't take it any more? When do I get to be rude with the handy excuse of too much pain today? When do I get a stream of well wishers that sympathize over my plight while ignoring the spouse that's been taking care of me?

The only days "it" has ever worked, though, are the days when I can freely put my wife first, while I float contentedly through/in the dharma, realizing there is no place to set root, no "me" that really needs anything other that than the ability to go left if nudged left, or right if pushed right.

Thanks for the reminder.


Thanks for sharing this wonderful video with your readers! May all who see/listen realize the great joy of exchanging "me" for "you!"


Thanks love the video, the ending very profound 'free the heart'..with metta

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