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July 27, 2009


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Glad you're on the way back Barry!



My wife's hero was Pina Bausch. We just found out that she passed the day we left Korea... wow

Barry Briggs

Thanks, Nathan!

Thanks, Joseph. Pina Bausch - very different that Merce - also shaped how we view dance and movement. Very important.

I feel a close connection to Merce partly because I studied briefly with him but also because of his radical view of what counted as dance: every single movement (not different from the Buddha-dharma).

jill irwin

Barry, I'm continually surprised by learning about your diverse span of interests - climbing, performance art and dance, Renaissance painting...
thanks for the tribute to a your former teacher, however brief, and your wish that we all rest in movement. I have not done enough of that lately.


What a timely post for me..:) I am doing something from which I am expecting some great result (I know, I know - not a buddhist attitude at all but ignorance has overtaken me..:-p). And every time, "the great result" is not happening, I am trying to remind myself the beauty of effort just for the sake of it, a part of suchness and its impermanence.

Such a nice perspective, view the movement of body as just that. Thanks for the post, Barry.

Joseph Bengivenni

you've definitely had some great teachers! ^_-


Hey, Barry.

You're very quiet. How's things?



Barry Briggs

Hi Harry,
Yes, it's been a very quiet and inwardly-focused time. However, beginning tomorrow, Ox Herding will return to life! I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks for your message,

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