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July 06, 2009


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May your practice sustain you! May you be at ease!
with a bow,


Wish you well- I enjoyed your posts.



May you be well and happy.

jill i

Thanks Barry for the posts the last year.


Best wishes on your koan practice, Barry!

Molly Brown

Peace to you, Barry, while you give your full attention to the task at hand. Hope all is well. Look forward to your return.


Barry, Good luck with the task. Thanks for all the care and inspiration you have provided in the last months. Its been a great help.


All the best to you Barry! Thank you for all the thoughtful teachings. Look forward to your return.


mama p

Sending support and care,

Barry Briggs

Thank you, everyone, for your kindness and support.



Dear Barry,

I hope all goes well with you and no cats get cut in the process.

Many thanks for your sharing and practice.



All the best to you and to your family, Barry, and I truly hope all is well and you find a way to deal with your life koan! Thank you for your teachings.

Bowing deeply with palms together,


A Russian Orthodox prayer goes:
Help me to greet the coming day in peace
Help me to accept all things that come to me
throughout the day with peace of soul
Give me the strength to bear the fatigue of the
day, and all it may bring.
Your posts have helped me do all three with grace and dignity.

Barry Briggs

Thank you, Puerhan, Uku, and Bob, for your lovely comments. I look forward to picking up this work in the future.

David Clark


All the very best to you and your family. Ox Herding has been one of my "must read" sites ever since my transplant and I want you to know how very much I have appreciated you efforts here. Your work here has made a real contribution to the electronic sangha. Please return when you are once again able to, or say hello at fromtheloneoak.


Paul Lynch, JDPSN

I must say that I can fully relate with your post. We must at times, reflect and deal with our lives and put "how may I help you" on hold till the moment arises once again to return. I love you Barry, and I hope all is well with the family, but know that I am here for you brother, as I know you are always there for me.


Barry Briggs

David and Paul, I very much appreciate your kind words. I'll be back.


Barry, my best wishes to you. I hope you're hanging in there and living moment to moment. Everything is practice. Be well, be safe.


Ted Biringer

Dear Barry,

Although we look forward to meeting you here again too, we always meet you wherever you go...


Barry Briggs

Hi Ted,

I've also discovered that wherever I go, I might meet myself.

Of course, sometimes I avoid the encounter...maybe more often than not.

Thanks for your welcoming comment!


Joseph Bengivenni

Hello Barry,
Just would like to send some good intentions your way in case you need them.
Hope everything's well!!

Barry Briggs

Hi Joseph, Thank you for your helpful intentions. I plan to return to Ox Herding in about a week and am grateful for the support from so many people.

I hope you've enjoyed a good trip in Canada with your wife and daughter.


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