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September 28, 2009


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My shodo teacher used to implore me: "Pray with the brush, Lynette, pray!" Years later I realized she was saying: "PLAY with the brush, Lynette, PLAY!" By then it was too late... ;-) Thank you, Barry. Awesome way to wake up today.

Barry Briggs

PLAY! Good advice for all of us. Thanks, Genju!

Paul Lynch, JDPSN

It is truely an art, I took calligraphy lessons years ago with a Chinese Teacher in Fullerton. He was always kind to me even though I don't think I was all that good. Kwong Roshi has really nailed the combination.

Barry Briggs

Hi Paul,
I once picked up a brush, but only ended up with ink all over myself. Story of my life . . .

Thanks for your comment!


jill i

Thanks, this is a wonderful topic. The latent art historian in me is happy. I like these images. Interesting, I took a Japanese painting survey course as part of my B.A. coursework in Art History and found it soooo different than the western European art I was mostly studying that I had a hard time with wrapping my brain around it. Now I'd like to go back and take that course again, think my books are long gone.
past my bedtime!

Barry Briggs

Thanks for your interest in this topic, Jill. I've long been interested in art - Buddhist and otherwise - and would love to re-take those old art history courses. It would be rather different now, I suspect!


How do I find art without ego?

Barry Briggs

Steve, what are you doing right now? (That's where!)

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