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October 28, 2009


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"What then?" Keep on practicing. :)

Thank you Barry!

Barry Briggs

Thank you, Uku!

Joseph Bengivenni

Your posts have been especially helpful the past few days.
thank you!


hello Barry,

when is 'then'?

silver makes no mirror without polishing.
stone makes no mirror regardless polishing.

most of those who heard sakyamuni kept cherishing dhukka. is there a human to do better? what is the direction? why is there the vow?

good luck and take care.

Barry Briggs

Thank you, Joseph. I've enjoyed seeing the recent photos of your daughter and your stories about your changing situation.

Hi Mickael - Thank you for your comment & questions! Why is there the vow?



why is there the world?

good luck.


very nice barry---

mickael- i asked my son (7) your question---i love to get this thoughts because they are so clear and untainted most of the time.

"evan- why is there the world?" "because were here" loved it.... but i decided to push him further and said "but why are we here?" he ignored the question and asked me if breakfast was ready... it was :-)


very good, Pete! :) heed your son for he is a sage.

good luck.

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