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January 04, 2010


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Great new ideas for the Ox! Nice one! I look forward to another great year of herding. Thank you so much.

With palms together,



I too love the discipline of blogging, althought my updates are more weekly than daily. The changes sound very healthy, fitting in with your needs/wants/desires, keeping in mind that desires can guide as well as be denied! I look forward to your posts and try to comment as often as I can. Enjoy.


Like the videos and cartoons. Have come to understand more from your posts than you could imagine.
This is the first place I turn to in the morning. Is that attachment?


Love what you've done to the old place, Barry! :-)

I like the videos and the cartoons. Well, I like everything. As with Bob, it's the first on my list of morning sutras to read, study and practice. Some days I just leave it as the page on my screen because it is very comforting.

Thank you so much for your effort. I have gained much steadiness from just sitting here.

Lynette Genju

John Small

I look forward to seeing what you see through your camera.


I just wanted to say, thank you for this blog and sharing your thoughts with us out here... I don't comment much but I enjoy reading!

Lauren Crane


Thanks for continuing. The little B topics, I think, will be a nice change. That is where "it" all happens. This may also be a good time to thank you for introducing me to Seung Sahn.

I often fall from sitting. It's good to know it is a not uncommon experience.


David Clark

I like the trend to the "life of awareness", the personal touch is a nice fit with your blog. Keep the cartoons and the video. The video seems sort of like a reward for getting through the week. For daily readers like myself, it marks the beginning of the weekend (yay!).

Since we're discussing this blog, let me say that the links you provide come in very handy. A friend from the Vista Zen Center asked me for some direction in locating good Zen sites on the net. I sent him a link to this site to use in exploring what is available.

I also try to use my own photos and artwork on my blog, but I find I'm getting lazier about this. Keep it up if you can. It really adds a personal touch, like on Dosho Port's site (it helps that his dog Bodhi is photogenic!).



thank you for your practice Barry and thank you for sharing. Really thank you.


I forgot to mention that I look forward to the comments too. I think that's as inspiring as the posts which create a safe space for all of it to happen.

jill i

Thanks and appreciate you including us in your daily practice. I try to use my own photos, too, in my blog although occasionally I've borrowed some to match what I'm writing about. Interesting, a couple other blogs I follow are starting the new year with some changes. And I, too, am thinking about some, but direction is still fuzzy. Only go straight, right? Nice to know you have so many visitors and regular readers.


Barry Briggs

Thank you, everyone, for your support and willingness to provide feedback. I appreciate it very much - really, more than words can say.

Zach Lawson

I just stumble in here and I must say that I feel very comfortable... how about some tea HAHAHAHA

I added you to my blog roll and I will be checking back to get more enlightenment from your "doing action" on this site!

5 stars my friend 5 stars!


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