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January 29, 2010


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Really enjoyed watching that Barry. Egos hate the destruction part...but don't be to hard on egos, they are just mistaking themselves for the infinite. A common mistake, but not something that is wrong.

John Small

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Timing excellent. Thank you.
Interesting how I get caught in a "big decision" and realize that for either choice I fear both that the results will be permanent, and that they wont. The reminder of destruction is sometimes very comforting.

Barry Briggs

Hi Suzanne - What a kind reminder about the ego - Many of us do get down on the poor thing, I suspect. Of course, the ego has many and subtle defenses and we must always be alert!

Hi John - Destruction is simply inevitable, which sometimes can be a comfort, sometimes not. Attachment and Aversion are the engines of self-destruction.


another great poet

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