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January 25, 2010


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Don't we fabricate them because it takes away some of our responsibility for them? For me things go smoother when it's not really all my fault.

John Small

And HOW! I'm just beginning to experience in practice some inkling of "things as they really are." Just glimpses, and then it's back to the rambling, relentless story, story, story. Reminds me of "Seven times fall down, eight times get up." Funny, I just asked myself, "Can't we get that down to six times fall, eight times get up?" and realized that you can't get up eight times if you've only fallen six, and you can't be human if you don't fall down. Practice practice. Keep going indeed.

Barry Briggs

Bob, I think you're exactly right - our fabrications move us away from responsibility. That's why steady awareness is so fundamentally important.

Thank you, John, for falling down and getting up - over and over!

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