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February 11, 2010


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That's OK, Barry. You get to be the center of the universe 1/6.8 billionth of the time at least! :-)


Barry, you're very hard on yourself for being human.

John Small

Someone once taught me, when dealing with someone who's difficult, say to yourself, "What's the matter, are you hungry or tired?"
Goes for dealing with yourself too.


Thought about this post all day. I think we don't want things to be so elemental. If what we seek is basic, and easy, and we fail to achieve it difficult gives us a reason to say it's not our fault. "It was too hard", "It was too time consuming".
I think I read that Dogen said if what we seek is simple why is practice so hard?
I wonder what ox herding picture I am on?

David Clark

To add to John's remark, when I see an adult acting cranky and difficult, my first thought is "Somebody needs a nap!" When I find myself being cranky and difficult, I know it's past my bedtime!


I'm not sure if I enjoyed the post or the comments more. Delightful.

Barry Briggs

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I'm with Jomon - I might have enjoyed the comments more than the post itself. Maybe we'd all be better off if I took a nap before writing...!

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