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February 16, 2010


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Frankly, I think my laziness is ever so helpful at giving up on control. Letting go, when ya get right down to it, is a heck of a lot less work!

Balance, balance, balance. Not too much discipline - not too much sloth. Not too much control...but a bit of responsible behaviour. The less I have to do with it, the better it goes!


The first thing that happens when we start this "THING" is we become aware of our rigidity. When we are unable, through practice, to cure us of this it can become another source of frustration. I honestly don't know which is worse; not knowing or knowing and be helpless to correct it.


Law (rigid order) and Chaos are but a manifestation of Yin and Yang. There's a bit of Chaos in every law and a delusion of order in all the Chaos.

I think you can tell which factor I favor by my punctuation. :-)

"Chaos is not dangerous until it begins to look orderly." ~ Max Gunther, "The Zurich Axioms." Scientists and religious people agree that the universe arose from Chaos and will end in Chaos. I don't understand why they insist that it's not in Chaos right now.

"Every actual state is corrupt. Good men do not obey laws too well." ~ Ralph W. Emerson. Law is about order, not justice. Law presumes, it does not observe what is here and now; therefore, preconceived laws, or rules, or expectations are always inappropriate to the actual situation.

To deny that there is order and law to the universe, and accept with clear sight its actual Chaos, is to live in harmony with what is.

And yet, I impose the illusion of order upon stones and beads and metal to Make jewelry. The Zen Scrivener places words in certain orders to fill the Emptiness between advetisements. The Zen Cueist meditates in seemingly random motion around the chaos of billiard balls, practicing Cue-do, the Way of the Pool Cue.

It is all Chaos Magick.


hmmmm.... seems I'm always passing through the illusionary balance point, going somewhere else. So where would rigidity or chaos be in such a demented mind?


I just try to observe "it" - smile - and let it all go - rigidity/chaos, rock/water - is there really a difference?


Barry, thanks for your pointers on this blog.

A few years ago I sat in meditation and practiced.
I wanted something, expected something, even if it was the seeing of nothing, it would have been something!
I sat and waited and watched to KNOW something or nothing! LOL

The battle between the Rigid/Chaos was on inside this mind!

These days I don't sit to do meditation!
Each moment appears a meditation.

I haven't arrived anywhere, I haven't got anything. All of that way of thinking has disappeared.
All I now know is . . . "I don't know anything"

There is no gain or loss.

There is openness for nothing and everything to come an go as it pleases.

I am still where I always was, HERE, NOW!

The only problem I can have is the mind saying "There must be more to it, is this IT?" These days the mind goes on with it's merry chatter. Gave up trying to still it. It just seemed to go quiet when the attention was placed HERE, NOW.

Barry Briggs

Obviously I've taken Suzanne's advice to heart . . . and have adopted the practice of laziness, at least when it comes to responding to your generous comments. And your comments are generous, indeed - rich and stimulating. I appreciate them all.


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