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March 02, 2010


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yes, that's it! You put a big grin on my face this morning. Thank you!

John Small

Yes! Well, I notice... ok, mostly I DON'T notice actually... that when I don't practice, things can get pretty tangibly nuts in a hurry. Clutter, drama, conflict, delusion. The house is a mess.

When I practice there's just less of that. I think somewhere in there ego starts objecting "If we keep doing this, pretty soon there will be nothing at all. We can't have THAT." and then a few weeks have gone by without my butt on that cushion and I have a LOT of excuses.

Gee... you think maybe I go make that stuff up? Perception!

Thanks Barry!


I agree, and I think Buddha's Path is just a one big joke! And that's why it's helping. Nothing here, nothing there, everything is everywhere.



Hey! That's no-fair! U woke up extra early today to sit and then I paid close attention to whether I turned off the burner under the kettle before I left for work. And then I was kind to the lady-being who was really into do-nothing-for-you-genju-because-i'm-not-the-regular-sectrtary. And then I was mindful to buy only 6 Japanese wafer cookies for sangha tonight (mindful consumption). And then I flipped the bird at some idiot who wouldn't merge into the space I gave but flipped me off anyway!

So I came here to see if you could fix all this.... and waddayado??? ARGHHH!~ ;-)


I know this is a Zen thing, but The Buddha taught the development of virtue, meditative absorption, and discernment. You have to do something to reach the unconditioned. The unconditioned can't do anything.


Three years is still a ways from twenty, but I've found myself wondering the same at times. The only response I get,is that I'm still better off for the effort! ^^
Still lots of suffering, but that much less...

thank you~


Did you ever give up on it for a while and see what happens?

Barry Briggs

Thanks, everyone, for your comments.

Algernon, I've never given up on practice for more than a day or two - any more than I've given up on brushing my teeth for more than a day or two. It gets two yucky...

Steve Har

Say some more about "getting".

Anyone around you get anything when you get? What?
When you get more, do they get more [or less]?

What is it to "get" in your view; what is not getting?
What do you get when you get, if you know what I mean.

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