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April 28, 2010


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maps.yougle.com ;)


Most of us stop to picnic by the side of the road too often and forget what it is we're doing and where we're going. The diversion becomes the destination. Nothing wrong with that, it just takes longer to get somewhere.


is there actually any place to go?

Barry Briggs

Not if you know where you are.


I'm too lazy to go anywhere... and all those directions... Out there Be Tygers!


Doesn't the path start and end with where we are now?

mama p

this old teaching by kobunsama is in a similar vein: he was demonstrating kyudo and ...not doing such a great job. the arrows were hitting everything but the bullseye. perplexed, a student commented on it; he replied:

"Everywhere is target."

(i suppose i think of this because, as we've moved so many times, whenever i see a map i think of throwing darts at it, to see where we might end up next. ;)

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