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May 04, 2010


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Love is nice, but don't we need faith also? Faith that this moment will move on to the next with a different set of anxieties.


I initially read your teacher's words as "Fear is the absence of presents!" :-) I was told once that fear is a normal response to a threat. Anxiety is a story about the future with that threat. In the moment, however, it's hard to tell the difference.

Barry Briggs

So, Genju. Then Love would be the presence of presents?!

I think so....


My biggest fear is the absence of presence.
LOL, I just realized there are several ways of taking that. All of them pretty good...although I wasn't refering to death when I wrote it, or mindlessness in important situations, just the moment-to-moment stuff :-)


Love is good. Sometimes we need IronMan too.

Barry Briggs

If I had enough insight, I could write about why love is not just a feeling...work for the future.


«Fear is the absence of presence.»

What a truth!


Every time I think about responding to your post about fear, I lose the sense that I know what it is. Usually, it feels like a weather pattern that has settled over my house and won't move on till it is good and ready. I can't seem to do anything to it but look and usually suffer.


In the story of life, there's often a bit of underlyting anxiety - deadlines - time management issues - responsibility for others.

There's nothing wrong with that. Just part of the panoply of life. No anxiety - no peace.


"Underlying" not "underlyting". Anxiety in the face of misspelling!

Barry Briggs

Thanks for all your wonderful comments!

I notice that when I feel anxiety, I (sometimes) view it as an indicator that something needs attention. Usually I'm "up to" something - or avoiding something.

Perhaps many of our uncomfortable emotional and feeling-states serve this "indicator" function - signals that we might look more deeply into our lives.

In this way, they are wonderful gifts of alertness and opportunity.

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