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May 18, 2010


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Re the friend's aunt, in German, there's the wonderful compound word, Nestbeschmutzer, made up of the words, das Nest=nest, hideout, lair, home, bed and der Beschmutzer=one who makes or gets dirty, who soils, besmirches, sullies, stains. From this the compound word, Nestbeschmutzer, that in German is used to mean a runner-down or denigrator of one's own family or country. So the Germans could be said to aspire to be more like hummingbirds than owls?


A new meaning for "wash your bowls".


There are composting toilets at the retreat centre I go to - cleaning them is definitely a fertile task for the week in my experience! :-) (Keeping with the mixing metaphors theme!)



an owl nest may be messy but will decompose without waste, unlike human messes.

Barry Briggs

What a cool group of comments.

Nestbeschmutzer - I can't wait to use this - thank you Arnold!

Indeed, washing bowls and washing toilets: Same or different.

ET, I suppose even our human messes will decompose over time, but until this occurs we're gonna have quite a bit more suffering. (I'm thinking of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.) Talk about soiling our nest!

Thanks, everyone!


In Tibet, the vulture is seen as superior to the eagle because it doesn't kill to eat.


Thanks for the shout out, Barry! I read this post and dont' know how I missed your ping. Then again, I've been cleaning up septic beds all week ....

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