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May 27, 2010


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Foot exams? Is there a cheat sheet? :-)

I like the car description. We stored our car in the underground garage at our daughter's apartment building over the winter. But we neglected to go and run it so the battery would stay charged. When we had to move it this week because they needed the garage emptied for repairs, it wouldn't start. And needed a new battery + other costs!

Reminded me of what I do with my body... neglect is expensive. But strangely, also makes us flexible, eh?


thanks for being so honest and clear. people need to hear this, and let go of illusions about what practice "should" look like.


I understand this-thank you for being so candid about an issue many practitioners are too self conscious about to admit!

Barry Briggs

Thank you Lynette, Nathan, and Lawrence, for your comments!


My next nine prostrations (as careful as I can manage) are for you Barry. Wishing you health and happiness.


I'm sorry I wasn't able to come up with a good response, but I was (and am) giving thoughts of compassion to your situation. I kept thinking of things like regenerative visualization, or things of the sort, but I know that's not what this is about... maybe all we can do sometimes is go drink tea!!

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