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May 13, 2010


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Mickey & Minnie look so inviting - come on everyone, lets live in a fantasy!

David Clark

Do you think it's fair to say that fear is doubt mixed with anxiety? When we meet something we've been fearing in the present moment, it becomes something else, something me must deal with rather than just dread. Often it turns out not to be nearly as awful as the thing we feared.

Sometimes, however, our worst fears can be realized. When this happens, that fear and the resulting trauma certainly can leave lasting ill effects, such as PTSD.

Our practice is one very effective way of dealing with these past traumas. That dealing/healing only takes place in the present moment. Anyone wanna go to Recoveryland?


Dave, that's funny! (Recoveryland)
I wonder if we haven't all been there since puberty?? ^^

Barry Briggs

Oh, yes! Recoveryland sounds just right. We could create an entire Buddhist theme park.

Of course, very few people would pay the admission fee. In fact, even if we gave away the rides for free, we probably wouldn't get many takers.

Thanks, Everyone!

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