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May 31, 2010


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Yes, I totally agree.

Willie R

Use less oil? Why? Do you actually think that it will have a measurable effect?

Just more self-congratulatory musings by the ego is all it could ever be.

Shiva is gettin' his jollies off on this one, to be sure.

Or, if you prefer, Gaia is getting a little perturbed about her upstart creatures poking holes in her, so she is going to make a bit of an adjustment.

It's going to hurt someone, that's for sure. Bt, since I have always been up to my ass in alligators anyway, I will just keep a dispassionate eye on the situation.



Sorry to read of your health problems. Wishing you all the best with it.




Thank you for posting on the oil spill. Your previous post (from Saturday) with its finishing remarks hit the message home.


The ramifications of this spill are staggering, and not just in ecological terms. So many pensions in the UK are inexorably linked to the fortunes of BP shares, and with the share price nose-diving, a lot of people's pensions are dwindling alarmingly. It's not just the fat oil-rich cats that suffer.

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