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June 30, 2010


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Hi Barry: Do you have a reference that you can point me to that talks more about the functions of mind: wanting, holding, making and checking? I've made some significant discoveries in psychotherapy recently, but psychotherapy isn't so good at a 'cure'. I have great respect for the Buddhist mind model and want to see how it can help me with recovery. Those terms - wanting, holding, making and checking - resonate with how I seem to cope.


I like the ideas this scripture conveys but I wonder if we can consider any of these insights without expecting something in return...

David Clark


That's the thing about right action, we do these things because they are right, not in expectation of any reward. Think of right action as a posture, an approach to being. The beneficial effects of right action extend to everyone, not just ourselves. To crib a line from the old hippie "diggers", live right action because it is beautiful to do so!


Thanks Dave


David Clark


Very cool link, thanks!

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