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July 16, 2010


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mama p

wow! harmonize future & present doubts? :) i love dogen. he blows my mind.

brilliant video as always! thanks, barry!


Thanks, Barry! Ah, lovely life! We truly can make difference only right now. What a curse! I wish I would be Peter Pan!

jill i

Thanks Barry! I watched this without being able to hear it,so not sure if I missed much without the voiceover. I have read about this "rewiring." I am behind the curve and have to drag myself forward a few years late on each new technological advance (e.g., just got a smart phone, etc.)to keep up professionally. Mixed feelings about it all...what is being lost?

I saw the Space Needle on the drawing of super busy cities...

Anyway, future vs. past vs. present. I plan on honoring my present hedonist this weekend!
Enjoy yours,


that video is amazing... and a little "alarming"
Do you ever wonder what Bob Dylan thinks if he listens to "The Times They Are A-changin" now?

Barry Briggs

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Jill, check out the audio when you can - it's great.

I recall that Mick Jagger once said (many years ago) that he'd rather be dead than be singing "Satisfaction" when he was 45 years old. Guess times are a-changing!

Chong Go Sunim

Thanks, Barry!

That's a very interesting video

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