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July 06, 2010


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Why do I practice?
Before I ever read your blog, I probably would have answered similar to your suggestions, but know, I don't know...

It seems like a good thing to do at the time!


I have an easier time sitting when things are going well, but have a hard time sitting when things are going badly. Does this mean I failed the test?


I sit because I'm terrified of what would happen if I don't. And when I don't, I know what happens! :-)


It's easier said than done. I read that Dogen(I think) said that just sitting was the beginning and end of it. Then why is it so hard to just sit?


My teacher recommended I do chanting practice. I thought right away "A good opportunity for me to memorize the basic chants". Seems I made it a gaining idea right away!

Barry Briggs

Thanks, everyone, for your comments!

Bob, I also experience that sitting is easiest when life is smooth. Funny thing, that!

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