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August 27, 2010


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I'd accept being green if I could sit with my legs like that!! ^^

Chong Go Sunim

"And, yet, our problems do not arise from who we are, but from what we do with what we are."

Very, very nice point Barry. Thank you.


Kermit has always been my hero. Along with Rolf. He is always transparent - if green - and the conscience of the community. And sexy as all heck too! `:-}

David Clark

Green like an ocean,
Green like a mountain,
Tall like a tree.
Go with what you've got!


Hi 'Ox Herding,'

Thanks for linking to FTS (Mun Gang and Seung An Sunims' picture)! Sorry I'm so late in responding; no computer access all summer, and then lightening struck--twice--putting the computers out an additional month. Check back again in September, though; the summer backlog of photos will start going up with regularity.

Ox Herding is a great site. Often, in Korea we'll memorize the commentarial verses to the Ox Herding pictures (in Chinese) and chant them as part of the morning bell chant. I'll be back to visit often.

In the Dharma, palms together--

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  • Zen teachers sometimes use the Ten Ox Herding Pictures to describe the path of awakening. Within this metaphorical framework, the ox symbolizes the secretive, unruly human mind.

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