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August 04, 2010


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Sometimes I can feel the seeker in me pushing hard, wanting to lose the self, thinking that it will be fine if I just ditch the self. Then a glimmer or glimpse gives me a shiver because what would there be without 'me'? 'I' can't imagine.

Barry Briggs

Yes, I understand that impulse to lose "oneself" in . . . something that will make everything okay. I have that. But, as I understand the Buddha's teachings (especially in the Pali Canon), the function of practice is to lessen the grip of anger, ignorance and desire so that we can function freely and beneficially - not for ourselves, but for others. Perhaps, without the "me" there would only be the "others" - and that might be okay.


Wow...you definitely held up the mirror to my understanding of this story and opened a wonderful space to sit in. Thank you!


Letting go of metaphysics, of the belief or non-belief or system of belief's about the unknowable (including the nature of self) has been liberating.

It has opened space to just sit, to just be.

Willie R.

There has never been any question about whether or not there is a self or a lack of self. Reality is perfectly obvious at all times.

Barry Briggs

Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment!

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