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August 25, 2010


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Lovely post, it made me smile!

It's all about action, whether we like it or not. Thank you, Barry!


I want a bumper sticker that says: Back Off! Doing Dukkha.

jill i

I'd take the bumper sticker too!

David Clark

It's wall-to-wall Dukkha southbound on the I5 in San Diego, where I drive every day! I sit for an hour with the group at the Vista Zen Center every morning, then get in my car and then hit the road. Talk about a challenge to my equanimity! If I'm still smiling when I reach the coffee house where I get a cup of tea, I'm go to go for the rest of the day!

My practice has slowly opened my eyes to show compassion for my fellow beings who are also struggling to get to where they are going without losing their cool/their mind/their lives. I like me a lot better when I find it in my heart/mind to like them!

David Clark

Opps! Make that "Good to go for the rest of the day!"

Now if I could just accept the fact that I am an indifferent typist!

Barry Briggs

Thanks, everyone! Genju, you could make that bumper sticker - get rich quick!

mama p

Great quote- even better photo! What is it?

Barry Briggs

Mama P - It's a purple polka-dotted Buddha that my daughter made for me when she was about 9 years old. It sits on my altar so I practice with it every day!


It's interesting how practice goes from self, to others, to an understanding of self and others.
I'm eager to see what's next!

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